Visiting Scholars Program

CeIBA will welcome self-funded visiting scholars to come to the research center to collect data, use our resources, etc. The purpose of this program is to attract different scholars with research in different stages of their careers to allow for interaction and further development of the research trajectory of the center. Though we cannot fund a researcher’s travel, salary, or other expenses, CeIBA will provide a small desk space in the center for the visiting scholar, as well as internet access and shared access to the center’s equipment such as voice recorders, file cabinet space, etc. Through this program we hope to utilize our affiliations with scholars in other countries and within Puerto Rico to expand CeIBA’s resources and contributions to the field of language and education.


Visiting scholars selection process

Researchers wishing to come to CeIBA as visiting scholars will need to apply. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and will be evaluated and decided upon by the directorship. Applicants should do the following:

  • Submit a letter asking to be a visiting scholar at CeIBA. The letter must state why they feel they need to be here, how long they plan to stay, what resources they will be using while here (our data, their own, etc.).
  • Submit their Curriulum Vitae.

Any scholar who is accepted will be required to do a presentation on their work during their visit, and to submit a picture, bio, and abstract describing their project for publication on the CeIBA website.


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