Researchers’ publications

Carroll, K., Rivera, R.L. and Santiago, K. (forthcoming). Questioning Linguistic    Imperialism: Language Use and Needs in a Puerto Rican Agriculture Program. Bilingualism in Higher Education: the student experience. Eds. A. Fabricious and B. Preisler. Pelgrave.

Contreras, E. and Rivera, R.L. (under review). Bilingual strategies used in text messages by college students. Current Trends in Puerto Rican Linguistics. Ed. M. González. Ohio State University Press.

Mazak, C., Rivera, R.L. and Soto, G. (forthcoming).  “Show what you know”: Translanguaging in dynamic assessment in a bilingual university classroom. Codeswitching in the Caribbean and the U.S. Eds. C. Mazak, M, Parafito, and R. Luzardo. John Benjamin.

Soto, S., Rivera, R.L. and Mazak, C. (forthcoming). Con Confianza: The Emergence of the Zone in a University ESL Course. Colombian Journal for English Teachers.


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