The UPRM is the ideal social, cultural, political, and academic context in which to have a research center on language and learning. The academic catalogue states that UPRM is a “bilingual university,” and every student knows the myriad ways in which both English and Spanish are woven together in text and talk throughout their programs of study across all disciplines, particularly in the STEM fields. Not only does a research center such as CeIBA make sense in our context, but research generated by the center will have immediate applications to improving the education of UPRM’s very own students as it unpacks the complex relationship between language and learning in classroom practices, assessments, and policies.

CeIBA’s researchers continually strive towards external recognition through publication and conference presentations, which will increase our ability to attract external funding. At the same time, CeIBA also strives towards internal recognition at UPRM, focusing on the interdisciplinarity of its projects and building networks of researchers across departments and faculties. As it grows and develops, CeIBA will be positioned to support the development of new programs, such as an interdisciplinary doctoral program in language and learning, and will help to further foster the growing culture of research at UPRM.


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